5 Tips for Selecting the Right DJ Equipment

10 Mar 2017 | |

Are you a budding DJ? Would you like to venture into the world of Disk jockeying? Before you do, you need to make sure you have got the right equipment. Choosing the right DJ equipment can help enhance your performance. Make sure you take a look at the following tips to help you find the best possible stuff.


  1. Choosing the right Medium

For newbie’s and in some cases even the most experienced DJ’s, digital DJing is the best possible option. However, this by no means suggests using MP3’s only, so take that cringe off your face. If you have a physical CD for all the songs you would be working with, things could turn out pretty well.

The first and foremost thing which you should keep in mind is to use a computer system which could help support your plethora of songs. Plus make sure you invest in a hard drive which has a greater memory and wont crash. A processor which works fast and has as much RAM as your computer can handle.

  1. Controller’s vs. mixers

There is no sure answer for this one. Some people may prefer the turn table style rotary wheels of the controller which provides an option for scratching while others might prefer the faders and knobs of mixers.

All in all it simply comes down to your own basic style, the audience you are playing for and your preference.

There is quite a variety of DJ mixers and controllers available at our shop.

  1. Choosing the right Headphones

The key is to look for headphones which twirl easily, so that you could gauge the sound in the room according to the next tracks that you intend to play. Comfort and durability should be kept in mind as well. You can’t actually give your best if your head phones aren’t comfy.

Some people might even look at the aesthetic appeal a particular head phone as it can prove to be a game changer especially if you tend to perform in front of larger groups. It could actually help set your image.

  1. DJ Stage lighting

You may be great at what you do but the kind of image which you project can actually amp up your style. A professional DJ lighting setup is something which your audience would love and if you pair that with a fog machine you can be a sure fire hit with the whole club hopping crowd.

There are a few laser units which come along with their own sound activation programs thus adding an extra oomph to your already stellar performance.

  1. Know your equipment

This holds especially well for DJs who tend to perform at weddings or private events. They need to take into account things like active and passive speakers, outboard units, turn tables and the overall environment of the place where they would be performing. Having firsthand knowledge of these can improve your performance as a DJ.

If you are looking for DJ equipment including mixers, a wide range of advanced stage lighting kits and turn tables make sure you check out the collection available at our online store.




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Bad Credit Car Loan – How to Get a Loan Despite a Bad Credit

Wondering if you could secure a car loan in Melbourne despite a bad credit? Having a bad credit doesn’t generally means that you won’t be able to secure a car loan or would get one at an exorbitant interest rate.

Those with a good credit score can often get a car loan at an interest of five to six percent. If you think you have a bad credit score you may have to pay a higher rate of interest but it actually differs from one dealer to another.

The following strategies cold help you secure a car loan in Melbourne despite a bad credit score.

Obtain your credit score before asking for a car loan

Often people assume that their credit history is really bad. However, things might not be as bad as you think. It’s wise to obtain your credit score so you can get a clear picture of how things actually work. The lender may still allow you to secure a car loan at a nominal rate of interest. What may be considered as bad credit score by one of the dealers wouldn’t look so dire to another dealer

Don’t be disheartened

Just because your bad credit has placed you for a subprime mortgage for your home doesn’t mean the same would happen with your auto loan. Since auto loans involve less money you may be able to get a loan on favorable terms.

Make sure you shop around

Find out if there are any creditors who would allow you secure a car loan despite a bad credit history. There are few who specialize in helping people with a bad credit secure a car loan. However be wary of any scams or schemes which seem too good to be true. If you need bad credit car finance the deals here will be what you are looking for.

Find a reputable auto lender

Get to know if someone in your circle has recently loaned a car. This way they would be able to give you details regarding good auto lenders. Similarly do a bit of research on the internet. There are some online auto loan companies as well roject management web based.

Make sure you are accompanied by someone

Having someone come along with you is a good way of having another set of eyes and ears looking out for you. Sometimes you may miss a few details. However, a friend or family member would be able to question those details.

Be on the lookout for favorable loan terms

Some loan creditors might side track you into lower monthly payments over a longer period of time. This would only make you pay a great deal more than you expected.

Always go for fixed terms

When you sign up for a loan make sure that the terms mentioned are not contingent or conditional. This can lead to the dealer increasing the rate of interest after a few months, the reason that they give is the inability for financing the car. It’s better to look for a fixed loan and avoid any sort of yoyo scams. Mostly people with a bad credit history are victims of the yoyo scam and end up paying a great deal more.

For more information on bad car loans in Melbourne, make sure you contact this company.