The Importance of Teamwork in Event Planning

19 Jul 2018 | |

Event planning is a big industry considering all the weddings, concerts, parties, and conferences that are held on a frequent basis. It takes a lot of coordination and organisation to successfully pull off an event. There is a need for effective communication, troubleshooting, and often a backup plan is the only option. The role of effective teamwork in this process cannot be overstated. Delivering a smooth and well-coordinated event can only be achieved with a great team approach.  

Teamwork in the Venue Hiring Process 

There are many parts that must come together in the venue hiring process. The calendar of upcoming events must always be in the full view of all team members and associated parties. There is need for effective communication between different teams including the sales and marketing teams, the billing and accounts department, the catering and hosting team, as well as with management and planning. Within each team or department, efforts must be coordinated so that the overall event is a success and the client experience is maximised. Teamwork is a vital part of both the planning process and the day of the event.

Venue Booking Software Can Be an Effective Facilitating Tool

To help each team with seamless coordination in the venue hiring process, venue booking software can be used. This allows the tracking and facilitation of all booking-related process on a single platform. Different team members can gain easy access to the calendar of bookings and events. Sales and marketing can easily focus on the rooms and venues that are lagging behind in terms of bookings. This software is also helpful in coordinating changeovers, cleaning, décor, and catering.

Events Software Can Improve the Entire Planning Process

Being from Brisbane, I know for a fact that t here are so many great options for function venues near me and I'm sure there are many venues in Brisbane that you could share too. But we all know that you need event planners and venue managers to help manage your events. These can bring together all the separate functions that are involved in creating a smooth and memorable event.

Events software is particularly useful in promoting collaboration across different teams and locations. The platform can be accessed from anywhere and can be hosted on the cloud. There are so many great features and benefits to make managing venues, events, and even the catering easier. Communication and teamwork are the keys to effective event management, and these are boosted by having a user-friendly integrated platform.

Other Tips to Increase the Level of Teamwork

We’ve seen that technology can be used to improve event planning and facilitate the much-needed team environment. Here are some other ways to increase the level of teamwork which can only lead to better and more competitive event planning:

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Office Trends and The Future of the Workstation

If time machines were in existence and someone from the seventies or eighties stepped into the world we are living in today, they would definitely go back to their time shouting ‘Rise Of The Machines’ to anyone who would listen because of how different things are. The information age has brought with it a lot of changes that affect the way we live and work and because of this, everything around us continues to change including the modern workplace. As the years go by, the workplace trends also continue to change.

Office trends are kind of like fashion. The only difference is that unlike fashion which can relaunch something old after a few years, the office can only continue changing since we can (hopefully) not bring cubicles back or the floppy disk since the former was non-starter when it came to productivity and the latter, well, let’s face it, storage has become much better with the smaller stick drives that have larger capacities, and better still, the Cloud.

There are things that were used before that have slowly been phased out such as paper office memos. Nowadays, a workmate you share a desk with would ask to borrow your stapler by email or chat instead of simply talking to you.

In the same way, traditional offices, cubicles and the C-suite offices have been replaced by the very popular open-plan offices. This has given rise to office and commercial fit outs as well as partitions in countries and regions across the world, be sure to check out this Melbourne based commercial fit out company for more information. These services are also popular in developing countries as well. It is however worth noting that even though open plan offices are on the rise, Generation X and Baby Boomer (Millennial) executives prefer closed spaces within the office, which gives them a sense of status and privacy. This may sound like an oxymoron but in essence, it is all about creating a sound work environment. Generation X and Millennials have grown up around technology and are therefore used to multitasking. They therefore want to work in a place that will give them privacy while also giving them an opportunity to interact with their peers.

Another thing that seems to be highly considered by proprietors while designing an office fit out or refurbishing an old space is having a collaborative environment, if you are looking to re design your office then visit this page for more information. Studies show that having a cooperative space yields productivity exponentially. This way, workers get to exchange ideas which is especially important when it comes to creative companies. An advertising firm, for example, would not do so well in a closed office that has a cubicle setting. Office fit outs would be a much better office plan.

With the information age being what it is, we have not seen the last of the digitization process and with it, more innovation and inventions which will give rise to more industries. These industries will need facilitators who will definitely work differently from the way things work presently. This being said, the office you walk into fifty years from now will look like something out of a science fiction film and maybe there will be new forms of office partitions and design. We will just have to wait and see. Hopefully, we will still be around to witness it all. So, all we can do is, like I said, to wait.


Factoring in the Costs of a Home Renovation

Carrying out a home renovation can be a major job or a small task depending on what you are looking to achieve. You can carry out renovations on the entire house or opt to only renovate select areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, or lounge area. As with any renovation work, there are various costs associated with this. While you might be looking for discounts and cost savings to drive down the costs of the renovation, quality remains an all-important factor that cannot be ignored. High-quality renovations and materials save costs in the long-term, promote safety, and adhere to building codes and standards. This article will look at some of the different costs that must be considered before you start the renovation work.

House Renovations Costs

Before you embark on a project, it’s important to assess what kind of work is needed and to come up with a budget to work with. Here are a few of the costs to consider:

  • Cost of materials: The materials used can range from building materials, paints, fixtures, new carpentry work, new flooring, among other things. Make sure you consult with an experienced renovation company who will give you a proper estimate for what will be required, I suggest you visit this site.
  • Renovation contractor charge: The labor and service costs are a big chunk of the bill. It’s worthwhile to hunt around for an affordable contractor who provides quality service.
  • Additional services: Alongside the renovation company, you may need additional services, especially where large renovation projects are concerned, these services may include plumbing, excavation, and electrical work, most likely, your contractor will have the contacts or the capacity to do this work.

Special Considerations for Bathroom Renovations 

If you are only modifying your bathroom, the costs outlined above apply just the same. If you are changing the fixtures, you can find discount pricing from a wholesaler. If you are looking to have custom fixtures and fittings made, you can expect to pay more and to wait longer do these. Showrooms and catalogs are great places to see what is on the market, get creative ideas, and find bargains. Another way to lower the renovations is carrying out some of the prep work yourself. For smaller projects, you can even do the whole job without getting any professional assistance.

Special Considerations for Kitchen Makeovers

For kitchen makeovers, carpentry services and wood and metal cabinet materials become more important. Custom designs will cost you more, so you should put that into consideration. It is also good to remember that sometimes less is more. For kitchen makeovers, functionality is particularly important as well as adequate space which is why often its the more simple kitchen renovation designs which really stand out throughout cities such as Melbourne.

If you are careful about creating a realistic renovation budget with input from professionals, you should be well positioned to stay close to the budget. Many projects do go over budget and past their intended timelines, so it is vital that you are able to handle these occurrences. A contingency budget can help you meet additional expenses. Another thing to watch out for is moving targets. It may be very tempting to add to the project scope after it has already begun, but you will have to factor in such costs and delays into you original plan.